Privacy Policy & Terms of Services

Terms and Conditions
Terms of service as a delegate in your order:
1- The delegate shall have good conduct and is not sentenced to conviction in a crime that violates honor and honesty
2 - Put the triple name with the personal picture of the delegate and send a copy of the identity and photo of the license and the image of the car from the front and back.
3- The mobile phone registered in your order must be activated if the application is accepted.
4 - not smoking in the car during delivery to not spoil the demand and if the request is corrupted because of the error of the delegate, it will not compensate for the value of delivery.
5 - Suffice to talk and chat with the client through the application and prevents the request of the client to communicate and communicate through Watsab or other means of communication.
6 - The delegate must identify himself when contacting and correspondence client and then provide the details of the request
7. A commission is charged at a rate of 15% of the delivery charges from each delivery.

User settings and conditions for your application:

These terms and conditions are formal electronic agreement (contract) between the application of your order and the customers' users.
It is an electronic application that allows delegates to provide procurement services on behalf of customers and deliver to destinations that are identified by customers.
Any use by you of the services provided by your application constitutes your consent to this contract and its terms.
In the event that you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this contract you should not use your application
You reserve the right to modify and change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice and it is your responsibility as a User to review the Terms and Conditions periodically.

Pledges and guarantees

You acknowledge and warrant that you will:
1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2. The Service will be used for lawful purposes only and will not use the Services to purchase or receive illegal materials for fraud.
3. Provide correct information to your application and update it periodically.
4. The Service shall not be used to cause harm, harassment or inconvenience to anyone.
5. Will not impede proper operation of your application.
6. Do not attempt to harm the service in any way.
7. Your application will grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license.
8. The shipping policy of the application service prohibits users and delegates from purchasing or connecting from the irregular stores of the state and the following categories:
Alcohol and drugs of all kinds.
2. Prohibited animals.
3. Pornography.
4. Material and applications protected by property rights.
5- Games satellites
6- Human organs
7. Taxi services
8 - Precious and luxurious things, in the event of valuable things can be communicated with the administration to provide an appropriate representative and authorized by us.
9 - Misuse of the application in any form
10. Extension and termination of the contract:
The contract between you and your application is unlimited.
You may terminate the contract at any time by deleting the application installed on your smartphone.
Your application to terminate the contract may have immediate effect at any time by disabling your use of the application.